We are delighted to share with our community, particularly those in La Francophonie, that our long-term partner Érudit, with the help of members from Mir@bel, has translated and published in French all the pages from the ‘Guide to applying’ section on doaj.org. The following pages are now available in French:

DOAJ is actively engaged in several projects that will increase the accessibility of the service to La Francophonie. 

  • We are working closely with Mir@bel for their Project Mir@bel 2022, of which Érudit is a partner; 
  • We are looking at how to make the application form available in French
  • We have added a third French speaker to our Editorial Team. (There are five in the organisation.)
Logo for érudit

DOAJ advocates strongly for multilingualism in scholarly communications. By having as many of our policy pages s in French and other languages as possible, we are actively promoting the importance of this and increasing global accessibility. 

So far, in 2024, traffic to DOAJ from La Francophonie accounts for 8% of all visitors, and 7% of journals indexed by DOAJ indicate that they accept manuscripts in French. We hope to see these figures increase over time by making more of the website available in French. 

If you want to translate some of our pages into your language, please comment or contact our Help Desk. We are always delighted to hear from individuals or groups in our community who want to make DOAJ more accessible.

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