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Two updates: ORCID integration; updated ISO code lists for country, language and currency

On Monday 3rd February we will release two updates to the site.

ORCID integration

ORCID 'ID' logoFrom Monday, it will be possible to upload to DOAJ article metadata containing ORCID iDs.

We will then display ORCID iDs on article pages in accordance with the ORCID display guidelines. Changes will be made to the search interface and API to allow search and retrieval of ORCID iDs.

Details on how to tag ORCID iDs in DOAJ XML will be available on our XML page. For those of you who provide metadata to us via the manual input form, a new ORCID field will be available there.

ORCID iDs will be available downstream in our metadata.

We are delighted to release this addition to the DOAJ platform. DOAJ recognises the importance of permanent identifiers (PIDs) such as ORCID iDs and encourages their use in article metadata.

Updated ISO code lists for country, language and currency

We will also be releasing an update to the code lists for countries, currencies and languages. These haven’t been updated since 2013 so there are quite a few changes, most of them standardisation of a name or spelling plus some obvious geopolitical changes too.

We have used a service called Pycountry which takes in the standard ISO lists for these 3 lists.

You can see the full list of changes here.

For those publishers supplying metadata to us who wish to update a language code in metadata that has already been sent to us, please contact us via the Feedback account.

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