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DOAJ to add Crossref compatibility

metadata-from-crossref-logo-200In a series of metadata improvements, publishers will be able to upload XML in the Crossref format to us from 18th February 2020.

In 2018, we asked our publishers what would make their interaction with DOAJ easier and 46% said that they would like us to accept Crossref XML. Today we only accept XML formatted to our proprietary DOAJ format.

There are a few clarifications that we’d like to make around this improvement:

  1. We are not switching off DOAJ XML. If you are already supplying DOAJ XML to us, you may continue to do so. Nothing changes for you.
  2. If you want to switch to Crossref XML, you may do so whenever you like. However,…
  3. You cannot mix Crossref and DOAJ XML in the same file.
  4. An ISSN is usually but not always present in Crossref XML. When sending Crossref XML to DOAJ, an ISSN must be included for the upload to be successful.
  5. The process of getting article metadata into DOAJ doesn’t change: you will still need to continue to send it to us, for now.
  6. Crossref XML is uploaded from the same page that DOAJ XML is uploaded to us: but you must now choose which format you want to send to us:
  7. Publishers on the OJS platform, using the DOAJ plugin to generate XML, should continue to do so. No change is needed.

If you have back data in the Crossref format that you want to send to us, just upload the file to us in the normal way. Crossref facilitate various ways for you to retrieve your metadata from them if you don’t have it already.

Further announcements will be made next week.


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