Myth-busting: all open access journals can be listed in DOAJ

This is a myth. People think that DOAJ exists to index all open access journals. A journal can only be indexed if it passes all of our criteria. The Directory of Everything Open Access The Directory of Everything open access would be a wonderful thing but of how much use would it be? DOAJ understands […]

Myth-busting: Journals must meet the DOAJ Seal criteria to be indexed in DOAJ

This is a myth. There is a common misunderstanding that for a journal to have its application accepted and be indexed in DOAJ it must meet all the criteria for the DOAJ Seal. There is an assumption, born out of that misunderstanding, that journals in DOAJ without the Seal are of inferior quality. This is […]

Myth-busting: DOAJ takes too long to reach a decision

This is a myth. From about 2012 until 2017, DOAJ was struggling to keep on top of the amount of applications being received. Implementing new acceptance criteria and making 9900+ journals reapply exacerbated the problem and suddenly we had many reapplications and new applications coming in at the same time. Triage All applications go through […]

Myth-busting: DOAJ indexes “predatory” journals

This is, of course, a myth. Some people are afraid to use DOAJ because they believe that it lists questionable (“predatory”) journals. DOAJ started to clean up its index in 2014. DOAJ was the first service to define the standards aimed at preserving the quality and trustworthiness of a database of open access journals. Today, […]

Myth busting: DOAJ is not inclusive

This is a myth. One of the most common criticisms levelled at DOAJ, particularly over the last 5 years, is that the index is not inclusive enough; that its coverage is poor; and that it lists only a fraction of the open access journals that exist. Our research shows that many journals reported as “missing” […]

We are hiring! Freelance Marketing and PR Officer

DOAJ is looking for a freelance Marketing and PR Officer to start immediately. The Marketing and PR Officer role is a part-time role, working remotely. The maximum number of hours per week is 30. Why are we looking for a Marketing and PR Officer? DOAJ is the world’s only free, independent, community-curated, online directory that […]

DOAJ’s Basic criteria – updated and rewritten in plain English

We are rewriting our website in plain English so that it is easy for our users, especially publishers, to understand what is required for a good quality and complete application. These are first steps to us: becoming even more open and transparent; offering a greatly improved user experience for a new application form;  starting a […]

New Pilot to encourage Finnish Open Access Journals to apply to DOAJ

PRESS RELEASE DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) and the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV) are collaborating on a pilot project to encourage and help peer-reviewed open access (OA) journals published in Finland to be indexed in DOAJ. The Pilot runs from May 2019 to May 2020. DOAJ has set an international standard for […]

DOAJ’s open letter to SSHA communities about Plan S

The recently published Royal Historical Society (RHS) working paper on Plan S contains some errors about the role that DOAJ might play in Plan S certification. These misunderstandings are commonplace and we, the DOAJ Management Team, have seen them before in other responses to Plan S. They are disappointing but they are not surprising. The […]