Closing date: 12:00 UTC, Friday 13th January 2023

About DOAJ

DOAJ offers free online access and visibility to the thousands of publishers, journals and authors who produce quality, peer-reviewed, open access content. It is a unique and extensive database of diverse open access journals from around the world, and its content is freely available online for everyone.

We are a global virtual organisation. We are a small (and growing) team comprised of members in Europe, North Africa, East Asia, and North America. We are scholarly communication professionals, publishers, librarians, and academics working collaboratively to maintain the world’s best directory of open access journals. 

About the role

We are looking for freelance Managing Editor(s) to join our global team of editors who are responsible for the review of journals applying for inclusion in DOAJ. The positions are full- or part-time, up to 35 hours per week, working remotely; the number of hours will be agreed upon on an individual basis. 

The right candidates for this position believe that research can be and should be inclusive and available to everyone, regardless of gender, social or economic status, geographic location, ethnicity, or race. 

Your primary duties will involve:

Editorial work

  • Reviewing applications, journal records and update requests
  • Reviewing recommendations by volunteer editors
  • Acting as the primary contact for specific publishers, languages or countries allocated to you
  • Ensuring your editorial groups handle applications within agreed timelines


  • Managing the recruitment, set up and induction training of volunteer editors
  • Managing and supporting your volunteers so they carry out their duties in an effective and timely manner


  • Helping journals to meet the criteria for inclusion in DOAJ and improve adherence to best practice
  • Reporting cases of suspected predatory publishing for further investigation

You may be asked to contribute to other activities or projects when needed.



  • Hold a degree or higher qualification, or demonstrate a good understanding of how journals are used in teaching and research
  • Have at least one year’s experience working for a scholarly publisher or library
  • Support open access publishing principles
  • Be fluent in English at all levels and in all mediums
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Demonstrate the energy and initiative to work independently
  • Demonstrate attention to detail
  • Demonstrate alignment with our organisational values


  • Are fluent in other languages: we are especially keen to hear from people fluent in Turkish, Spanish or Portuguese
  • Have experience  or knowledge of the scholarly communication industry outside of North America, Europe and Australasia
  • Have experience in customer support or publisher relations
  • Are aware of the problem of predatory publishing and how to combat it
  • Can occasionally travel to meetings and industry events
    • This includes an annual DOAJ Team meeting
  • Know how to work with collaboration and productivity software, such as Google for Business, Slack etc.
  • Already have the experience working remotely and the setup to do that

To be a properly integrated member of the team, you will be required to:

  • Be available online at some point between 09:00 and 17:00 UTC, Monday to Friday
    • Manage your own schedule 
  • Have a stable and reliable internet connection
  • Attend scheduled online meetings using Google Meet and Zoom

Hourly rate

The hourly rate will be based on your level of experience and where you are in the world and would be agreed upon between you and the Managing Director. 

Start date

We are looking for people to start in the first quarter of 2023.


DOAJ is an adopting organisation of the C4DISC Joint Statement of Principles and strives to improve diversity and inclusion in scholarly communications. It is extremely important to DOAJ that these principles are reflected in our organisational structure and that they are acted upon in our day-to-day operations.


If you have questions about the role described here, about working for DOAJ or the application process, please email Judith Barnsby.

How to apply

Send a cover letter and a copy of your resumé/CV to Dominic Mitchell, DOAJ Operations Manager (, by 12:00 UTC on Friday 13th January 2023. 

Your cover letter must explain how you meet each of the obligatory requirements and which of the desirable ones you meet. We will not consider applicants who do not do this.

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