DOAJ is committed to supporting Ukrainian journals, highlighting open access in the region and offering support to editors who need help keeping their journal content accessible on the internet. Through an initiative called Supporting Ukrainian Editorial Staff (SUES), support is being offered to staff working alongside researchers who generate knowledge: the librarians, editors, technicians, and administrative staff at universities, research institutes, and other infrastructures. SUES is an initiative by various European institutions, infrastructures, and organizations (Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences [IBL-PAN, OPERAS], Directory of Open Access Journals [DOAJ], Directory of Open Access Books [DOAB], Electronic Information for Libraries [EIFL], Association of European University Presses [AEUP]), as well as a number of French scientific publishers, aimed at supporting scientific communication in Ukraine and helping scholarly journals and academic publishers to continue their publishing activities. See this video for more details.

A questionnaire is being circulated around Ukrainian journals and publishers to help accurately identify their needs in terms of financial and technical support. The requests received through the questionnaire so far relate primarily to remuneration for editorial work, enabling them to continue their work and to publish the next issue of their journal or their next book. 

SUES have launched a specific campaign to help 10 journals or publishers to keep publishing. In the long term, the project also aims to strengthen relationships and exchange knowledge to ensure the international presence and visibility of Ukrainian academic publishers. Thanks to the contributions, Ukrainian scholarly journals and scientific publishers will be able to continue sharing knowledge. The crowdfunding campaign runs until Monday, 6 June 2022, to raise money to help Ukrainian journals who have requested assistance from the coalition. Unique compensation will be offered in return for any financial support offered.

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