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In support of Ukraine

DOAJ is united in our desire to see a swift and peaceful resolution to the war in Ukraine. We are horrified by the devastating impact on civilians and the resulting humanitarian crisis. We fully support calls for a ceasefire and the restoration of an environment where scholars and researchers can safely carry out their work.

We are committed to supporting Ukrainian academics and so will be fast-tracking the review of all Ukrainian journal applications submitted to us. We will actively promote our collection of indexed Ukrainian journals and offer support to editors who need help keeping their journal content accessible on the internet. We are also committed to supporting Ukrainian researchers, academics and scientists who are displaced due to the invasion so that they can continue their valuable work.

We strongly believe that the principle of international collaboration is vital to the global sharing of knowledge, open access and open research. During this time, we continue to support our staff, ambassadors, and volunteers worldwide as they work to ensure that scholarly research is available to all. We are guided by DOAJ’s core mission and strive to remain open, global, and trusted, even in a changing and unpredictable world.

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