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Important changes to our journal csv and how we license metadata

There are two important changes around metadata and licensing that you need to know about since we relaunched our site.

Our Journal CSV file, which refreshes every 60 minutes, has 5 new columns and the order of all columns has changed

We added:

  • The date that the journal record was last updated in DOAJ
  • The URL of the journal in DOAJ
  • Two columns to show whether or not the journal is part of a continuation: ‘Continues’ and ‘Continued by’
  • The alphanumeric LCC subject codes.

We also moved some of the columns around so that they make better reading sense. We removed columns for which we no longer collect metadata, such as the open access start date and platform information.

We have changed the way we license our metadata

The journal metadata that we collect, that which is made available in the journal CSV above and in our public metadata dumps, is still licensed with a CC BY-SA 4.0 license as it was before.

However, article metadata in DOAJ is now made available, with rights waived, under a CC0 1.0 waiver.

The exact details of our licensing can be found on our Terms page.

Thanks go to the good people at Creative Commons for their advice in these matters.

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