1. No, I don’t, sorry. Maybe the icons/design deserved some tweaking, but orange (and padlock) were symbols of something. This is ok, but represents… just nothing.
    (well, maybe it mimics how “open access” has changed too).

    1. I am sorry to hear that! We never used the padlock ourselves and, as usage of the internet has grown and changed over the years, so too have the needs of our users. We *have* to (and want to!) cater for all users of all abilities and it simply isn’t an option to exclude them.

      Thanks for your comments! I appreciate them. (Dom, DOAJ Operations Manager)

  2. I trust that yo have done your research and that this is the right decision. I will still miss the orange. In my feeds, it allowed DOAJ to stand out. New logo looks a bit generic to me.

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