DOAJ has created an Editorial Subcommittee to provide input into and advice on editorial issues around process and content quality, issues which arise from DOAJ’s day-to-day operations and which require specialist input. The volunteer Subcommittee will operate in an advisory capacity.

Each member has been chosen based on their ability to provide advice to DOAJ in the following areas:

  • medicine
  • life sciences
  • physical sciences
  • social sciences
  • humanities
  • the arts
  • statistics
  • publishing/research ethics

We are delighted to welcome the following experts to the DOAJ:

Professor Carol S Bond, Caring for Lifelong Health Research Centre, UK
Dr. Jocelyn Hipona, Far Eastern University, Philippines
Professor Marc Couture, Canada
Maude Laplante-Dubé, Université Laval, Canada
Dr. Oliver Mendoza-Cano, Universidad de Colima, México
Plinio Casarotto, University of Helsinki, Finland
Rachel Lee, California Digital Library, USA
Stephanie Hull, Emerald Publishing, UK

Further details have been published on the DOAJ website.


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  1. Welcome to all the new members!
    Congratulations to the new members of the Editorial Sub-committee of the DOAJ platform. I hope, this new Committee would help a lot to improve the platform at a greater height.

    Warm regards

    Jiban K. Pal
    Indian Statistical Institute