The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) indexes more than 11 000 open access journals covering all areas of science, technology, medicine, social science and humanities. It is a community-curated list of reputable, open access journals and aims to be the starting point for information searches for quality, peer reviewed open access material. Publishers must apply for their journal(s) to be indexed in DOAJ and each application is reviewed manually by the editorial team. We receive approximately 80 new applications every week.

DOAJ has been awarded a grant from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) to improve open access publishing practices in the Global South. We are now seeking 8-10 full time Ambassadors (10 month contract) who are residents in the following regions and are native speakers of the indicated languages and fluent in  English:

Region Languages
Latin America Spanish and/or Portuguese
Middle East & Persian Gulf Arabic (Farsi also useful)
Africa (North/West) Arabic and French
Africa (South/East) English
India/Pakistan Hindi (Urdu also useful)
Indonesia Indonesian
China Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese)

Tasks: to promote DOAJ in their respective regions; to discover and assist open access publishers in their region in good publishing practices; to identify questionable publishers and practices; and to review and actively solicit new applications and reapplications from journals in their region to be listed in DOAJ. The role requires knowledge of academic publishing, in particular online journals, editorial processes, best practices and publishing technology standards.

DOAJ is a virtual organization so the role is based from home. The successful applicant will be expected to provide their own work space and equipment. Most meetings are conducted virtually but expenses will be paid if you attend any physical meetings.

Start date: As soon as possible

Hours of work: 40 hours per week. You will be expected to manage your own time but to be available for team meetings as needed (may be outside of your normal working hours due to time differences)

Pay: rate negotiable

Language: fluent in English and native speaker of the indicated language(s) for the region


The main role of the ambassadors is to promote good publishing practices with regional publishers, to identify questionable publishing practices and to advocate the use of DOAJ infrastructure with the publishers and academic community in their region. The ambassadors will also undertake the assessment of new journal applications and reapplications to DOAJ from publishers in their region and advise on approval or rejection of these applications.


  • Promote awareness of DOAJ, its resources and services to publishers and the academic publishing community in their region.
  • Review new applications from the region against the DOAJ criteria for acceptance.
  • Manage all communication with publishers and academics and respond to their queries.
  • Monitor publishing practices in their region, identify questionable publishers and offer support to open access publishers who wish to be indexed in DOAJ.
  • Attend online team and editorial Hangouts every week.
  • Liaise with the Editor-­in­-Chief and DOAJ team as needed.


  • Higher education or graduate (a qualification in library science is an advantage)
  • At least two years experience in academic journal publishing
  • Previous experience of manuscript submission systems or large databases is desirable
  • Current knowledge of open access and its development
  • Understanding of scholarly publishing standards and best practices
  • Good IT competence
  • Publisher relations experience an advantage


  • Native and resident of the region where you want to work
  • Fluent in English and the other language(s) indicated for the region
  • Good communication skills in those languages, both written and oral
  • An understanding of how to handle confidential and/or sensitive information
  • Good organizational skills
  • Ability to produce accurate work, demonstrate good attention to detail and meet deadlines
  • Strong team player
  • Ability to work on own initiative; Motivated and resourceful; Adaptable and flexible
  • Experience in building effective working relationships


Please send a CV and a short cover letter including three references to the Editor-in-Chief at editorinchief@doaj.org by 23rd April 2016.

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  1. Hello!
    My name is Mariana Selas and i review journals for DOAJ. I was the editor from portuguese2.
    I regret that this is an opportunity for those who can give full time. However if you think about hiring people with jobs, let me now that. I am portuguese, I work with since 2012, with Scielo since 2013, and i am responsable for management of digital information in platforms and data bases. I will be happy to send my cv if you wish.
    kind regards