DOAJ has a network of skilled, voluntary Associate Editors and Editors who spend a few hours a week processing new journal applications. Would you like to join us? We are now recruiting volunteers who understand Korean or Persian. (You do not have to be a native speaker.) You must also be proficient in written and spoken English.

We also seek volunteers from India with a librarianship or scholarly communications background. Again, proficiency in English is a must.

As a DOAJ volunteer, you will do a few hours of voluntary, unpaid work a week. You will receive training materials to help you carry out your duties. Your work will directly contribute to the quality, reputation, and prominence of open access scholarly publishing around the globe.

Requirements of the Role
Your role as DOAJ Volunteers will be guided and supervised by an Editor and a Managing Editor.

Successful candidates will:

  • have good knowledge about Open Access (OA);
  • be passionate about OA;
  • have good knowledge about OA developments in scholarly publishing;
  • have a working understanding of OA publishing practices.

In your work, you must:

  • be confident working online and have regular, stable access to the internet;
  • support and promote DOAJ and its goals, and be a DOAJ advocate;
  • maintain confidentiality around the information you have access to, particularly applications you review;
  • assist in evaluating applications in your specialist language;
  • adhere to the recommendations around keeping personal data secure and confidential, as laid out by the DOAJ privacy policy.

Apply by completing this short form.

Thank you for considering volunteering for DOAJ!

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