I am very happy to announce that the DOAJ Team has expanded. We welcome to the team Ilaria Flava, based in Rome, Italy, and Clara Armengou, based in Barcelona, Spain.

Ilaria joins us as Managing Editor and will assist with the monitoring of our editorial groups, the processing of applications and communicating final decisions to publishers. Having already volunteered for DOAJ as Associate Editor, Ilaria is familiar with our modus operandi. She assumes responsibility for 7 international teams of volunteers and by adding Ilaria to our team of managing editors, we will increase our throughput.

Clara joins us as Community Manager and will be covering my absence for the next year. Clara, who was open access officer at Cambridge University Press among other things, is currently working as Science Communication Officer at University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. Clara brings with her a vast amount of experience and by adding her to the team, we will continue to serve our online communities and, most importantly, all the publishers who are indexed in DOAJ. Clara will continue to raise awareness of DOAJ and the important issues surrounding open access, as well as support our Ambassadors’ activities across the global south.

You can read more about Ilaria and Clara on our About page.

DOAJ is International!

Adding Clara and Ilaria to our team means that DOAJ now operates from 15 different countries…

Burkina Faso
South Africa
The Netherlands
United Kingdom

… and between us we can speak over 25 languages. Open access knows no barriers and DOAJ strives to represent that as much as possible! How do you feel that we are doing?

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  1. I am an Assistant Professor of Xian Jiao Tong Liverpool Univeristy in SuZhou, China. May I join the team?

    1. Hi Samuel

      Thanks for your willingness to contribute. We don’t have any positions open just now but I have asked our Ambassador for China, who is also at your University, to get in touch with you.

      Best, Dom

  2. Hi Dom,
    I am Siabi K. Ebenezer. An Editorial Assistant for the Journal of Energy and Natural Resource Management in Ghana. I will be grateful if I’m offered an opportunity to join your team. Thank you.

    1. Dear Siabi Ebenezer

      Thank you for your willingness to join the DOAJ Team. We don#t have any open positions just now but I Have asked our Ambassador for West Africa to contact you.

      Best, Dom