DOAJ at 20

DOAJ at 20 events poster

We’ve just released our event poster, with information about our three events to celebrate 20 years of DOAJ!

Registration for our first event is open, but for the two remaining events, more details will follow later in the year.

We have two versions of our poster, which you can download and use to help us spread the word about our celebrations!

Our digital poster is the one you can see below, and it can be shared online on your website, social media channels, via email and more. If you share on social media, remember to use #DOAJat20 !

This is a digital poster advertising three events celebrating 20 years of DOAJ. The three events are around the themes Open, Global and Trusted

We have also made a printer-friendly poster, making it easier to share a physical version of the poster.

To learn more about our celebrations this year, head to !

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