As we enter our 20th year, we are pleased to present our strategic goals for the next three years. These goals have been developed collaboratively with the core DOAJ team and our Advisory Board and Council members, who represent the wider DOAJ community of funders, publishers, librarians and researchers.

Our strategy is based on three core themes: promoting equity and diversity, building trust, and sustainability. 

Advocate for equity and diversity in global open access journal publishing: 

  • Invest in and enhance our global outreach
  • Participate in initiatives that support and promote a fairer, more inclusive, global open scholarship ecosystem

Use our trusted position to raise the profile of high-quality open access journals:

  • Build strategic relationships with decision-makers and policymakers
  • Use our metadata to demonstrate the impact of the index and our journals

Increase the sustainability and resilience of our service to ensure it adapts to the needs of the community: 

  • Ensure that we can continue to adapt our operations as open becomes the norm
  • Remain transparent, accountable and community-governed
  • Continue to develop our strategy to enable growth

We look forward to sharing progress against these goals with the wider community over the coming months and years.

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