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F.O.R.M. – Diamond Open Access Journals in Algeria.

At the end of October, Professor Kamel Belhamel, DOAJ Ambassador and Managing Editor, will be presenting at F.O.R.M. – the Forum for Open Research in MENA.

Kamel’s paper will ‘describe the challenges, opportunities and recent developments in Algeria of open access (OA) initiatives in scholarly communication’, particularly about Diamond OA. There are 768 journals indexed in the Algerian Scientific Journals Platform, and nearly all of them rely on the work of volunteers. Maintaining the visibility of these journals is hard, which is why being indexed in DOAJ is so essential.

‘It is a great honour to present at F.O.R.M. and showcase the work of DOAJ but also highlight the tireless efforts that keep Algerian journals publishing and online,’ said Kamel.

Kamel will present on Day 2 of the conference on a Panel called ‘Opening Publishing Infrastructures‘.

F.O.R.M. is organised by the Knowledge E Foundation, Knowledge E, and Gulf Conferences, with support from UNESCO, EKB, and ALECSO.

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