Ukrainian speakers needed for volunteering opportunity

DOAJ uses a network of around 100 skilled, voluntary Associate Editors and Editors who spend a few hours a week processing new journal applications for us. 

We are looking for new volunteers who speak Ukrainian. 

You do not have to be a native speaker. You must be able to write and speak English.

As a DOAJ Associate Editor, you will be expected to do a few hours of voluntary, unpaid work a week. We will give you training. You will be supported by an Editor and a Managing Editor. 

The work you do directly contributes to the quality, reputation and prominence of DOAJ and of open access around the globe.

To apply

Please complete this form.

Applications are open to anyone with the requested languages skills. If you are associated with a journal that is in DOAJ or has applied to DOAJ then you must declare your conflict of interest in the application form.

Requirements of the Role

You must have:

  • good knowledge about open access (OA);
  • good knowledge about developments in scholarly publishing;
  • a working understanding of OA publishing practices.

In your work you must:

  • assist in evaluating journals suggested to DOAJ in your specialist language;
  • keep details of applications confidential;
  • be confident working online;
  • have stable access to the internet;
  • support and promote DOAJ and its goals;
  • be a DOAJ advocate;
  • respect the terms of our privacy policy.

Thank you for considering volunteering for DOAJ!

(This blog post will be updated when we have filled the positions and the application form will be closed.)

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