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DOAJ does not endorse Academics Era conferences | Say Hello to Think Check Attend

It has come to our attention that a series of conferences hosted by Academics Era all show the DOAJ logo in the Indexed/Supported section of each conference page. There are literally hundreds of these conferences listed from the Academics Era homepage and each one has the DOAJ logo on it.


Please make sure that you, researchers, students and faculty at your institution think very carefully before sending money to these, or any conferences.


This message is timely as it gives me the opportunity to introduce Think Check Attend.

Think Check Attend is an initiative that guides researchers and scholars when deciding whether to attend a conference or submit an abstract and present their research. The 3-step approach encourages academics to ‘Think’ about the problem posed by predatory or substandard conferences, ‘Check’ the conference against a set of criteria designed to highlight attributes of good and bad quality conferences, and ‘Attend’ only if the conference adheres to the criteria consistent with a legitimate conference.

The initiative is provided by Knowledge E and has been endorsed by Think Check Submit as a sister initiative.

If you are unsure about any conference, then do go to the Think Check Attend website and use their excellent resources.

4 comments on “DOAJ does not endorse Academics Era conferences | Say Hello to Think Check Attend

  1. Mohamad Mostafa

    Many thanks to DOAJ Team for this post about Think. Check. Attend. We welcome any comments or feedback.

  2. Good advice. Is there any action you can take to stop Academics Era from using your logo? Surely it’s not legal?

    • Hi Richard, I am sure that there is action we can take but it comes down to having enough person power and money to pursue each case where we find this happening. Being a charity, we don’t have a lot of either and so we try to focus on executing the cheapest actions with the the highest impact. For us, that’s social media. Thanks for stopping by! Dom, Operations Manager

  3. Sulthan

    Much needed post. Not just ACADEMICS ERA CONFERENCES, There are many publishers who false claim and Hence authors should use Think. Check. Submit as well.

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