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Update on discontinued journals

DOAJ will remove all journals that have ceased to publish unless they are continued by another title.

Although reversing a previous decision, we have taken this step after careful consideration in order to keep our metadata as relevant and as accurate as possible. Although there are clear advantages to retaining published articles from discontinued journals, there is also a downside. With the current number of discontinued journals in DOAJ standing at 208, over time this generates a lot of broken links—link rot increases over time—affecting the quality of our metadata. All of the library catalogues, discovery services, search engines and other downstream services which rely heavily on our metadata start inheriting that link rot.

[UPDATE: I should clarify that removing a journal and its content from DOAJ simply makes it unavailable to the public. DOAJ doesn’t delete anything. We are hoping to collaborate with an archiving partner to help preserve journal content. If those plans come to fruition there is no reason why some removed journals could not be reinstated. However, it is early days on those discussions. – Dom]


8 comments on “Update on discontinued journals

  1. Catherine Fidelis

    Please is the journal “European Journal of community and public health” indexed with you? It claims to be.

    • Hi Catherine, can you provide an ISSN so I can check? Thanks, Dom

  2. Catherine Fidelis

    Sorry, its “European Journal of Environment and Public health” rather, and not “European Journal of community ad Public health”. Is the journal indexed in DOAJ? I’m sorry for the initial error.


    where do I find a list of all DOAJ-indexed journals?
    best regards,

  4. Lourdes Cadiz

    lease is the journal “International Journal of Management and Organizational Studies” indexed with you? It claims to be.

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