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  1. It’s alarming how blatantly they advertise their support for open access or adherence to its philosophy, only to charge you $35 when you click “read full article.”

    1. Indeed it is. For that reason, we ask members of the community to get in touch with DOAJ should they find a web site that has a different policy or different information to that which is displayed on DOAJ.

    1. Expanded, in alphabetical order and with ISSN where there is one. At some stage, I will move this to a public Google document (spreadsheet) depending on how long this list becomes.

    1. This journal is currently indexed in DOAJ but has yet to submit its reapplication. If it doesn’t submit its reapplication before the end of December 2015, it will be automatically removed from DOAJ.

  2. This is really helpful. However, it will further help to know which journals had been in the database but withdrew or failed to update their membership. A yearly listing might help in this case.

  3. is International Journal of Health Sciences and Research (IJHSR) (ISSN: 2249-9571) indexed in DOAJ.
    This is what the journal says—
    International Journal of Health Sciences & Research (ISSN: 2249-9571) is indexed/included in the following database.

    Scopemed, DOAJ, Index Copernicus, Google Scholar, Google, HINARI (WHO, Geneva), Genamics, Open Science Directory, AGORA, BOAI, SOROS, Scirus, Index Scholar, Journal Index, eJManager, Find ejournal, NEWJOUR, Open J-Gate, ICMJE, WorldCat, AcademicKeys, Docstoc, ResearchBib, CiteFactor, getCITED, Ulrich’s International Directory and Other Databases.

    1. Thank you Marc! We appreciate your contribution. These two journals have been added to the list.

      Best, Dom
      Operations Manager

    1. That journal was removed from DOAJ some time ago and then added back again. I have removed it from our list. Thank you for your contribution.

  4. Dear DOAJ,
    I have noticed that Indian Journal of Science and Technology ( http://www.indjst.org/ ) is still claiming to be indexed by DOAJ, although the journal failed to submit a reapplication.

  5. Dear DOAJ,
    I have noticed that World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences ( http://www.wjpps.com ) are claiming to be indexed in DOAJ, however I can’t find them in the database. Then I noticed they have written on their “Indexing” subpage that the application is “in process”, but the journal already uses DOAJ logo on their main website. I’m a bit suspicious if they are actually telling the truth about their application to DOAJ…
    Best wishes.

  6. Dear DOAJ, Could you kindly confirm if this journal is authentic and in your list.

    International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering

  7. Dear DOAJ,

    Could you kindly advise if this journal is authentic or predatory -Journal of Genetic and Hereditary Case Studies.

    Many thanks

  8. Dear DOAJ,

    International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA) was earlier indexed in DOAJ but was removed in 2017. All DOAJ indexing claims have been removed from the official website of this journal.
    Kindly request you to update your list.

    Thank you.

    1. Dear Elmas, none of those journals are currently indexed in DOAJ. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science is already on our list.
      I cannot find that International Journal of Academic Research states that they are indexed in DOAJ so have not added them.
      European Academic Research has been added to the list.
      Thanks for your contribution.
      Best, Dom

  9. Dear DOAJ,
    Please help me in finding out that whether International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research (ISSN 2229-5518) is listed with you? they claim in their website that they are listed with you.But i could not find out in your list.

  10. Dear DOAJ,

    the two journals below are claiming to be indexed by DOAJ, but yet again, I can’t find them in your database:
    – South East Asian Journal of Contemporary Business, Economics and Law (SEAJBEL) (ISSN 2289-1560) http://seajbel.com
    – International Journal of Business, Economics and Law (IJBEL) (ISSN 2289-1552) http://ijbel.com/

    1. Both of these sites say that indexing is under consideration, which is true. We have received applications from them. I will not be adding them to the list. Thanks for your input.

  11. Dear DOAJ,

    the following journal lists DOAJ as one of the indexing locations, but I can’t find them in your database:
    International Journal of Research in Management, Science & Technology (IJRMST) http://www.ijrmst.org/ (ISSN: 2321-3264)

  12. Dear DOAJ, Please, can you help to check if this journal is authentic? Interface: a journal for and about social movements
    ISSN 2009-2431

  13. Dear DOAJ,
    Can you help me whether this journal is indexed by your database as it claims : International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security

  14. Dear Doaj,

    It seems International Journal of Occupational Safety and Health (2091-0878) does no longer claim that it is indexed by DOAJ (or at least, I can’t find the webpage that they claim so). So you can probably remove it from your list. Please double check this.

    Best wishes.

  15. Open Journal of nursing is claimed to be indexed on DOAJ but cannot find it there, what is the status.

  16. Hi, I am facing problem that i published few articles in
    International journal of biology pharmacy and allied sciences
    It is indexing from JCR master list
    but according to beall;s
    if it is present in JCR master list
    it is not predatory
    Please remove from the list

  17. Dear Beall and dear DOAJ what about Rasayan Journal of Chemistry, predatory or not?

  18. Dear doaj
    I need to know if the dawn journal is a fake one or not.earlier it was indexed in doaj but removed.is it authentic ?

    1. I have now removed them from the list again as I contacted them and they removed DOAJ from their site.