Greater visibility to APCs: amount, currency, URL

There has been a lot of focus in research on author processing charges (APCs) and submission charges, particularly in the last 16 months or so and DOAJ data is often used as a basis of that research.  Heather Morrison’s recent article in Publications and Walt Crawford’s research published in Cites and Insights are two very recent examples.

DOAJ wants to raise the visibility of charges information even further to facilitate future research and to make it easier for authors, researchers and funders to make informed decisions on where to publish. As part of our commitment to raising the level of quality of data in DOAJ, we released yesterday a small but important change to the display of charging information. All journals accepted into DOAJ after March 2014, or back into DOAJ after a successful reapplication, will have the following information displayed against them:

  • Does the journal have APCs or Submission charges?
  • If so, how much and what is the currency of those charges?
  • What is the URL where that information is clearly displayed and stated on the journal web site?
  • If there are no charges, what is the URL where that information is clearly displayed and stated on the journal web site?

During our review of applications we request that ‘no charges’ is stated explicitly on the journal’s site and we will ask publishers to add that information if they have not already done so.

You will find the new information on each journal’s table of contents page; that is to say the long, detailed view of all the information and metadata that we hold for a journal accessible by clicking a journal’s title in search results. Two examples would be here where the journal has no charges, or here where the journal has APCs.

There are further improvements in the pipeline: we will move the information above the [more detail] link on these pages; we will add charge information to all records in search results; we will include amount and currency in our downloadable CSV file; and we will point the Publication Charges facet in search to the new data. These changes are scheduled for completion in April.

Shortcuts to key datasets in DOAJ; suggest others!

In response to feedback from the community, here are some shortcuts to key sets of data in DOAJ. (All results are sorted by the date that the item was added to DOAJ, with the most recently added at the top.)

Journals and article processing charges (APCs)


Has charges

No information on APCs provided


Journals with a CC license







Not CC-like (this is for journals who have some sort of license in place that is not equivalent to any of the existing CC licensing options. This may be due to territorial or geographical differences where perhaps CC licenses are not generally recognised.)

Get in touch!

There are probably many others that could be added to this post. Leave a comment (or email us via ‘Contact us’ on the DOAJ site) and let me know which ones you would find useful. I’ll then add them here.