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  1. If we, as mere users, notice an error in your spreadsheet how can we best send corrections? For instance, you list Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology as about to be dropped with the reason that, “Web site URL no longer works”. However, when I visit the URL you have for that title in the directory it does still work. Of course it’d be preferable for the publisher to respond to your call, but…

    1. Hi Paul

      We welcome the feedback. Actually that journal is in DOAJ currently so I have removed that entry from the list. Well spotted and thanks for taking the trouble to get in touch.


  2. I think this is a very good initiative in order to restore a general sense of a seal of quality of contents indexed in DOAJ. But among the ones who haven’t responded, could there be journals that have been terminated but were of good quality when they were published?

    1. Hi Stefan

      The journals removed from DOAJ during the batch removal were done so for one reason only: they failed to submit a reapplication to us within the given timeframe. For this exercise we haven’t made any other analysis (for example, about quality) other than whether they responded or not. So yes, this list probably does contain journals that no longer publish.

      WRT journals that have ceased publishing, we are changing our policy. Up until this year, we removed journals that had ceased publishing. We are changing that to coincide with new functionality on the site that will show continuations between journals. If a journal has kept its archives online, has a permanent and stable URL and has metadata in DOAJ, we will no longer remove that journal but will mark it as ceased publishing. We will be doing deeper analysis of the list of journals removed during the batch removal to identify which ones had article metadata in DOAJ.

      Thanks for the question!

      Dom Mitchell