4 thoughts on “The new site upgrades are live; it’ll take some time for the data to settle

  1. 1.) Data provided for the journals now looks great! Thanks!
    2.) You once (https://doajournals.wordpress.com/2015/04/07/twelve-exciting-and-important-developments-due-for-release/) wrote: “All [ ! ] of the data that we are capturing in the new application form will now be displayed against the journals and their articles.”. I once (https://doajournals.wordpress.com/2015/02/10/greater-visibility-to-apcs-amount-currency-url/comment-page-1/#comment-219) gave you a “LIST OF ALL QUESTIONS THAT DO NOT LEAD TO DATA IN THE DOAJ”: One question without data was and still is: “27) Does the journal allow software/spiders to automatically crawl the journal content (also known as text mining)? *”.
    Does DOAJ intend to add the last bit of missing information “allow crawling?” ?
    Thanks for following my hint, replacing now “anyone” in question 27.
    3.) Is there a link with which I can make the journal page come on and display directly all information (including “More”)?

    4.) Much looking forward to “We will shortly start adding the DOAJ Seal logo to journal landing pages and journal entries in search results.”. I think, it is NOT SO EASY to get the rules logically in place. Requirements include: “3. provide article level metadata to DOAJ (Question 29). ‘No’ or failure to provide metadata within 3 months do not qualify for the Seal.”
    I understand from this that a journal can get accepted into DOAJ with “No” to “metadata to DOAJ”.
    If metadata is already supplied (reapplication), the seal can be awarded as part of the check.
    If an applicant answers “Yes” to Question 29 (and is selecting the meaning: “intend to provide”), DOAJ will need to check a second time after three month if metadata is finally supplied to decide about the seal.
    If metadata is not delivered after 3 month, the journal will never get the DOAJ Seal (requirement 3 not met) – unless maybe the journal reapplies voluntarily just to get the seal. Does the journal need to wait 6 month for this second application? If yes, when does the 6 month waiting period start?

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Dieter.

      We decided not to publish the answers to question 27 since spiders know automatically whether they can or can’t crawl a site and there is no real way that a human user can check this for a normal use case.

      The links to the journal homepages are structured thus: https://doaj.org/toc/%5BISSN%5D. There is no separate URL for the expanded info.

      Whether a journal is indexed or not in DOAJ is something that will be reviewed regularly. We are able to remove the Seal if we find that a journal has ceased to adhere to all of the Seal questions.

      Best, Dom

  2. Seal and Metadata Upload
    Thanks for the details, Dom. With respect to putting the Seal in place and requirement No 3 (metadata) the sequence is – as you describe – apparently this:
    a) A journal gets the Seal, if Question 29 is answered with “yes” (no matter if presently metadata is delivered or not) and all other 5 seal items are also met.
    b) The Seal is taken away, if DOAJ later routinely checks the journal, three month have passed, and metadata is still not delivered.
    Allow to crawl?
    Ok, the answer to “27) Does the journal allow software/spiders to automatically crawl the journal content (also known as text mining)? *” does not need to be in DOAJ, because the ANSWER for every journal in(!) the database IS ALWAYS “YES”. This follows from https://doaj.org/publishers#faqs:
    “… things that we will check … That the … journal’s articles have ‘free availability on the public internet, permitting any users to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles, CRAWL them for indexing …’ ”
    (Please let us know should DOAJ’s philosophy be different).

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