“The Tick” is now live!

Now it’s easier to see which journals were accepted into the DOAJ under our new criteria, in other words, after March 2014. I posted a piece earlier this year where I explained that all journals accepted into DOAJ after that date would be marked with a green tick. We have now completed that work and “The Tick” is live on the site.

For every qualifying journal, The Tick appears in two places: in search results, alongside the journal’s name; and on the journal’s table of contents page.


The Tick in search results

The Tick in search results alongside the journal name

The Tick on a journal ToC page

The Tick on a journal’s table of contents page

(If you can’t see the Tick, then you will need to refresh the page: Ctrl +F5 on a PC, Cmd + R on a Mac.)

The new DOAJ flyer: a fresh design and updated information

We have just completed our new flyer. It’s had a complete overhaul and has a fresh clean design.

We are asked often by our users if we have any promotional materials for special events or for display in the libraries at point of use. For the first time, we now have a high-res print version of the flyer for you to print as and when you need.

We’ve added data on the top countries that refer the most traffic to DOAJ and the 6 different ways that you can connect with us, as well as our four new sponsors: PLoS, Cottage Labs, Wiley and Karger.

DOAJ Flyer, September 2014 (653 KB)

DOAJ Flyer, September 2014 Print Version (1895 KB)

If you would like more information on our promotional materials, if you have an event that you would like material for, or if you would like to see your name on our flyer, please contact me by leaving a comment here.

The flyer was designed by Karin at K-Art.se.

Image of new flyer

New DOAJ Flyer available as high res and low res versions