DOAJ has never had a method to push updates to our users. We have always just posted information on this blog in the hope that it will find its audience. We are aware that some stakeholders miss important updates so we have launched an update service.

We will use the update service to inform you about:

  1. Our strategy and changes to it;
  2. Our technical roadmap and progress updates;
  3. Funding and funding models;
  4. If we add a new feature to the website.
  5. If we start a new campaign for signing up journals.
  6. Governance, particularly if we enrol new members to our Board, Council, or Editorial Sub-Committee
  7. When we need more volunteers to help us review journals.

Sign up here:

All sign-ups are managed via our Mailchimp account. DOAJ has a Privacy Policy which adheres to the guidelines laid out by the GDPR.

[This pst was UPDATED and CORRECTED on 25th May. DOAJ is not launching a newsletter service but a service which will push updates to people who have signed up.]

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