Learn about DOAJ and Open Access Best Practices

We are very glad to announce the launch of a series of educational videos. This first playlist is an introductory course created by the DOAJ Team itself to assist publishers, librarians, researchers and authors understand those standards and what an entry in DOAJ means.

Our goal is to continue developing our YouTube channel in order to create a comprehensive educational programme. Stay tuned and let us know your preferred topics!

Promotional flyers now available in Chinese! DOAJ推出中文版的宣传材料了!

Our Ambassador Yanhong Zhai has translated our flyers into Chinese. Please use them to promote DOAJ and Open Access!

Chinese flyer 1 – This A5 flyer provides general information about DOAJ.


Chinese flyer 2 – This A5 flyer gives a summary of our Ambassador programme.



DOAJ is often asked for materials to help librarians and open access advocates to spread the word about open access and DOAJ.

We would like to announce that you can now access, share, and use our new promotional materials.

We have produced two flyers and a poster for you to use as you need:

Flyer 1 -This A5 flyer provides general information about DOAJ:

  • Why DOAJ matters
  • Ways DOAJ makes an impact
  • Why journals want to be in DOAJ
  • Our latest figures: how many journals, countries and API hits

Flyer 2 -This A5 flyer gives a summary of our Ambassador programme:

  • What is the DOAJ Ambassador’s programme?
  • What are the regions covered?
  • Highlights and outcomes of the programme

Poster – The A2 poster is a mixture of general info and the Ambassador programme.

Please promote Open Access and DOAJ! Thank you.

The new DOAJ flyer: a fresh design and updated information

We have just completed our new flyer. It’s had a complete overhaul and has a fresh clean design.

We are asked often by our users if we have any promotional materials for special events or for display in the libraries at point of use. For the first time, we now have a high-res print version of the flyer for you to print as and when you need.

We’ve added data on the top countries that refer the most traffic to DOAJ and the 6 different ways that you can connect with us, as well as our four new sponsors: PLoS, Cottage Labs, Wiley and Karger.

DOAJ Flyer, September 2014 (653 KB)

DOAJ Flyer, September 2014 Print Version (1895 KB)

If you would like more information on our promotional materials, if you have an event that you would like material for, or if you would like to see your name on our flyer, please contact me by leaving a comment here.

The flyer was designed by Karin at K-Art.se.

Image of new flyer

New DOAJ Flyer available as high res and low res versions